Effie van Shaka's Royal Kraal aka 'Keiko'  

Kennel name: Named after Effie Trinket of the Hunger Games.
Calling name Keiko: 'Well mannered' in Japenese language.               
Hi de Hi darlings, my name is Keiko. I have a very gentle character and sometimes I'm a bit bashful. I love all kinds of food but unfortunately I do not always get an extra snack because my mother says that I have 'predisposition' to become a chubby puggie. Personally I think my mother is very exaggerating, I mean is it really strange while my mother is preparing our food that I sing all the songs from the top 40.....???
When I'm playing outside with my sisters in the garden I stay as close as possible near the barn. I know very well that in the barn are a lot of storage boxes with all kinds of dried snacks, so lets say I am a smart pug and not a greedy one.....
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