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Rosco P. Coltrane 

Named after: The sheriff of 'The Duke of Hazzard'.


Rosco is a distinguished black pug.
We always call him: 'the little black one'.
He has a calm and peaceful character and if he gets the chance he sits the whole day on our lap. Rosco is a faithful dog who likes to be with us, as close as possible....
He has brought up many young puppies, learn and teach them good dog behavior.
Currently he enjoys his old age .....

Rosco P. Coltrane, a distinguished old gentleman. November 22nd 2016.

Rosco's Birthday!!!

October 22nd 2016, 11 years!!

Rosco is his 'car', August 3th 2016.

Rosco & Deshi in the 'car', August 3th 2016.

Rosco as a model.

Rosco napping in the window frame.

Rosco's head is very heavy.....

Rosco in the basket of the cats.

Rosco sunbathing.

Rosco is taking a little walk.

Rosco at age.....

Rosco at age.....

Monday, washing day.....

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