Raoul van Emma's Hof aka 'Gerrit'

Import Belgium
Kennel name: Named after the football player 'Raoul'.
Calling name Gerrit
Gerrit is co-owned by Len & Manuel Ruiz.
He is living in their family together with 'Herman' a English Bulldog. Herman and Gerrit are a comical duo, they do everything together: eating, playing, peeing, sleeping AND snoring. Probably they both are one of the most mischievous and naughty 'pets' because they are always playing tricks on their owners, who despite of that, unconditionally love them....
Therefore we owe many thanks to Len & Manuel. Also grateful because as a breeder we have more opportunities to make beautiful combinations with our 'lady pugs'. In this way we hope to contribut to a healthy breed with a broad gene pool.
Arja Godschalk many thanks for your trust and special thanks for this lovely little fellow.
Hi peeps, my name is Gerrit, a very happy pug. I have a pretty good sense of humor and I am always in for some fun. I am quite curious so I like to see everything what is going on around me and I follow every footstep of my parents.
I have a big brother, his name is Herman and he is an English Bulldog. Herman is not even half as courageous as I am, if I may say so myself, but he always wants to play and let me win every game we play together. Herman is so sweet and kind that he allows me to eat HIS food and HIS snacks if I get the chance. For this 'generosity' I love him SOOOO much, because I absolutely LOVEEE food. In fact, I think it was the first word I learned when I came to live with my parents. I suspect I used to be a piranha in a previous life, because when I eat I still have the manners of a real piranha.....
I love it when they take me out for a walk so I can make new friends in the neighborhood, wether its humans or other doggies.
I have a favourite toy, a ball with the image of Winnie the Pooh on it, and although it doesn’t sound very mature I love kissing Winnie. Let’s say I’m practicing my skills for the ladies that I hope to conquer in the future!!
At night, when I’m really tired, I love sleeping in front of the telly in the arms of my human parents. Like a real Al Bundy, I love showing off my private parts while I sleep on their lap.
Oh boy, I'm so privileged because I’m going to be a real stud when I grow up!


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