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Puppy information


All our puppies will get a offical 'kennelname' on the F.C.I. pedigree. It is NOT possible to place your own chosen name on this F.C.I. pedigree. Off course you are free to give the dog his own calling name.
All our puppies will receive a European passport, with the outcome of a health state/check.
All our puppies will get a identification chip.

All pedigree dogs bred in the Netherlands have a unique chip number that starts with the numbers 528.

In this way you can be sure that you bought a puppy with a DUTCH pedigree from a DUTCH approved breeder registered by the Dutch Kennel Club. It also gives the guarantee that the puppy is born in the Netherlands and not originating from abroad.

All our puppies will get a official Canine DNA ISA 2006 certificate.

They compare the DNA profiles of the parents with the DNA profiles of the puppies. In this way they determine whether the descent is correct. In Holland this pedigree check is mandatory for all pedigree dog pups.

All our puppies will be titer tested at the age of 6/7 weeks and 'if necessary' vaccinated according to the standard conditions.
Deworming 'if necessary' only after a laboratory test by Het Woud Laboratory. Click on the photo to visit the website.
All our pupppies will be raised in our home environment together with our other dogs, and they will be sufficiently socialized.
All our puppies will be raised with raw meat and NOT with kibble.
All our puppies may leave our home to a new owner at the age of 9 weeks. When they go abroad they may leave our home at the age of 15 weeks.
All our buyers will get a reservation agreement.
All our buyers will get a purchase agreement.
All our buyers will get a puppy kit.
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