Peggy Sue of the Rocking Flatlands aka 'Hisa'

Kennel name: Named after a song by Buddy Holly.
Calling name Hisa: 'Longlasting' in Japanese language.
Howdy Ho folks, my name is Hisa. I am a very athletic pug with lots of energy and I always keep myself busy. There are always nice things to do because I consider the whole world as my personal playground. Life is one big party for me!!
I am the 'joker' of the Pug-pack and I am verryyy very proud of that !! In fact I am a naughty little black rascal, with a big dose of curiosity and I like to interfere with everything. Yes, you can say I am a real busybody but every now and then that has its advantages.
I don't like cold weather and the wetness of rain, and if I have to go outside with such weather then I fall on my back 
and keep quiet as if I am dead! Unfortunately my mum does not feel sorry for me and I have to go outside whether I like it or not.
After a busy day, in the evening I like to fall asleep on my daddy's lap....
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