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Miss Ann of the Rocking Flatlands aka 'Mitsu'

Kennel name: Named after a song by Little Richard.
Calling name Mitsu: 'Light' - 'shine' - 'reflect' in Japanese language.
Hello, my name is Mitsu. In my comings and goings I am the spitting image of my mother Hisa. Okay, okay I have a different color but that's all!! Just like my mother, I am very athletic, with a boundless of energy. I get along fine with my mom, she's my best friend and together we undertake all kinds of tricks but our 'human mom' doesn't always agree with that.

For my human mother, I do everything because I adore her. I follow her everywhere, I am her shadow and therefore she always jokingly names me after that tiny yellow square thing, a post-it memo. Even at rest one eye must be kept on my mother's movements at all times.
I like to play with toys and things that make a lot of noise. My favorite is an empty plastic lemonade bottle which makes loud cracking noises!! As for food, I'm not picky at all. I like to drink a cup of coffee with my mother because I like that very much and if I keep whining long enough then I may lick a few drops of coffee off  her spoon ..
Of course I am not always busy and every now and then I take a long nap, close and comfortable between my mother and my grandmother and sometimes on the couch on the lap of my human mother. I have a good life, I am very loved, I am pampered so in this way I will probably reach the age of 100 .....
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