Eva of the Rocking Flatlands aka 'Lilo'

Kennel name: Named after a very special baby girl.....
Calling name Lilo: Named after the American animated film 'Lilo & Stitch' (2002) from film studio Walt Disney Pictures.
Lilo is co-owned by Claudette, Yukko & Fay.
Happy to tell you that we are on cloud nine with such a loving and caring family!

Hey, I am Lilo but my mom always calls me her 'happy egg' because you only have to look at me with one corner of your eye and I wag my tail off, so hard that my whole body wags along. Just like any other pug, I am very affectionate so I like to walk in my mother's footsteps.
I love to run and play, especially after my dinner,  when my battery is full. I collect all my toys to bring them to you which is a silent hint that you have to play with me right NOW!!
I live together with two other pugs, TJ and Hope. Sometimes that's not easy, I'm very greedy when it comes to the love and attention of MY mother. So I have come up with a trick. If my brother and sister sleeping too close next to my mother I'm just going to sit on their heads until they leave. Isn't that smart!!
I'm not only a smart pug but also a naughty pug. I absolutely love ponytails. When you sit on the couch and you have one, beware.... I am just like Harry Houdini, within a few seconds your hair will be loose because I take of your hair elastic.
Every now and then I go to stay for a weekend by my 'Goudse' sisters. That's always great fun. Shall I tell you a little secret? Actually, I'm also a bit in love with the mother of  my 'Goudse' sisters. Therefore I  denominate her covertly  'Bonus' mom. After all, she's the one who took care of me for the first 10 weeks of my life.
All in all, I'm very pleased and I can't imagine a better life for myself.....

Eva of the Rocking Flatlands July 12th 2020

Eva of the Rocking Flatlands March 15th 2020

Eva of the Rocking Flatlands December 24th 2019

Eva & Miss Ann of the Rocking Flatlands September 20th 2020

Eva of the Rocking Flatlands July 12th 2020

Eva of the Rocking Flatlands September 20th 2020

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