Utah Beach van Oogappel Diesajn aka 'Junko'  ✝️

Kennel name: Utah Beach was the codename of the most western of the beaches that were chosen for use during the landing in Normandy. Utah Beach is located between Pouppeville and La Madeleine, on the east coast of the Cotentin Peninsula.
Calling name Junko :'Pure Child' in Japanese language.
Hello sweethearts, my name is Junko a real 'Lady Pug' because I am very prudish and I have a distinguish air. Making a pee and a poo is a real ritual for me because I always do that with a certain flair and dignity. 
I always 'looking the cat out of the tree', but I don't waste any time and walk ahead when my sisters do naughty things. I'm a little bit sneaky and on the sly, so I always try to ensure that I'm not the one they can suspected of being naughty ...
My sisters love peanut butter or cheese spread but I prefer 'raspberry and strawberry confiture', and be honestly that's more appropriate for a real Lady Pug!! I enjoy this delicacy and eat as slowly as possible TO enjoy as long as possible....
When my mother walks with me, I walk close and right behind her like a queen with her lackey. For only one thing I drop all my ladylike behaviour and aloofness .......WATER Ooo Yes, I LOVEEEE WATER!!!!
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