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Our Gallery a real collection...........


Several movies about the weal and woe of our dogs.

Enjoy watching!!

Old Monográfica movies

Several movies with some 'typical' Ca de Bou's in action.

Fantastic movies of a unique event. This event is a must for all Ca de Bou owners, enthusiast and breeders.....

A truly dogslife

A glimpse into the lives of our dogs....


Our dogs are part of the family,they give us a lot of gratification, joy  and pleasure in our lives.

Random pictures

All kinds of different pictures from history.

Historical information, ranging from various time frames in history.

A wonderful overview from the past. Looking back on the old Egyptian Art,  Rococo, Art Nouveau and other Art Styles.

A journey through time.....

Historical dog pictures

 A variety of different dog breeds.....

All this gives a good idea how some contemporary varieties hardly be the image of the past.

Unfortunately, the demise of the current breeding.

Historical pictures animal care for dogs

Che foto, che storia, che progresso.......

Who loves us, whether we’re on top of the world or down in the dumps, rolling in the dough or barely scraping by? Our animal companions, of course! They’re our best friends, and we owe it to them to make sure that their lives are as happy and comfortable as they can possibly be. But caring for our best friends isn’t as simple as just filling their food bowls and taking them to the veterinarian when they’re sick. Bringing an animal companion into our lives is a big responsibility—one that means making a lifetime commitment!

Historical Pug dog pictures

An ancient race......

The Pug is well described by the phrase "multum in parvo" which means "a lot of dog in a small space."


Historical pictures dog grooming

 A skill of craft.......

Grooming is a vital part in the well-being and healthiness of a dog which can improve their lifespan. All Breeds require grooming, how much depends on the breed, age, or health of the pet. Regular grooming helps to ensure the dog is healthy and comfortable. It is important to note that while many dogs shed, others (such as the Poodle), do not shed as profusely, and require grooming by a professional.

Competitive Dog Shows came into existence in the late 1800s to showcase the looks of certain breeds.

It were usually the wealthy 'ladies' from good descent, who saw the Dog Shows as an enjoyable pastime. Here they were able to show off their beautiful dresses, jewels and of course their dogs. Some breeds were really a ´status symbol´at that time.


Historical Ca de Bou pictures

Off cource, most pictures comes from Mallorca.   

Special thanks to Mr. Sergio Gual Fournier who gave his permission to use this pictures.

Historical pictures of working dogs

Various forms over the years, how the qualities of the dogs were used....

Our four-legged friend has had many functions over the centuries. Nowadays, the dog has become more a 'pet' instead of a 'working dog'.

Famous people with their dogs

A faithful and loyal friend to all, rich or poor, beautiful or ugly.

Celebrities with their Pugs

Status symbol yes or no.....

Our Pug puppy's

Owning a Pug will bring many happy years of joy, love and happiness to your life.  Those naughty clowns are irresistible and will melt your heart!!

Pugs are among the most endearing of dogs. They were bred for one purpose only – to be companions to humans. Pugs adore their owners and become their little shadows, happily following them from room to room. Some may find them too needy because they do crave lots of attention. They get along well with other pets but their humans are their best friends. No matter how bad a day you are having, one look at that wrinkly Pug mug will put a smile on your face. You always know when they are around because they snore, snort, sneeze and snuffle, all part of a unique repertoire of Pug sounds. While some might find these noises annoying, they are music to the Pug lover’s ears.

Our Ca de Bou puppy's

Socializing, habits and learning.....

In a perfect world, we could protect our dogs from negative, anxious and frightening situations. In the real world, we must help our dogs learn how to cope and respond, in a healthy and acceptable manner, to the spectrum of people, animals, places and things they might encounter along the road of life.
Socialization does not end at puppyhood. While the foundation for good behavior is laid during the first few months, good owners encourage and reinforce social skills and responsiveness to commands throughout the dog's life.

Collecting Box Dogs

There’s no doubt these Collection Box Dogs  were a core feature of the community. It’s no wonder then that these Collection Box Dogs receive such a warm welcome wherever they’re placed.

Collecting box dogs were a popular feature of Railway Stations in Victorian and Edwardian times and many of these animals, after a long and successful career,found themselves saved for prosperity by the medium of taxidermy to end up in a glass case in the very same station, still collecting coins for charities.

Ca de Bou and kiddo's

Dogs can be great family pets.

It’s amazing, if you think about it, that dogs get along with children as well as they do. Many seem to understand that kids should be treated differently, with gentleness and tolerance. When interacting with children, these dogs patiently put up with all kinds of strange, unpredictable behavior and sometimes even painful handling. This ability to enjoy the company of kids, despite rough treatment, has made the dog a popular family pet. Most dogs end up bonding strongly with the children in their family, becoming both friend and protector, and the love between a child and a dog is a truly wonderful thing to behold.

Dog Catchers

An animal control service or animal control agency is an entity charged with responding to requests for help with animals ranging from wild animals, dangerous animals, or animals in distress. An individual who works for such an entity was once known as a dog-catcher, but is generally now called an animal control officer.

Animal control services may be provided by the government or through a contract with a humane society or society for the prevention of cruelty to animals. Officers may work for or, with police or sheriff departments, parks and recreation departments, and health departments by confining animals or investigating animal bites to humans. Animals may be returned to their owners, or transported to a veterinary clinic or animal shelter. Animals held in the shelter can be returned to their owners, adopted, released to the wild, held as evidence in a criminal investigation or put to sleep.

Dog Racing

A sport, a game or cruelty.......?

In many countries greyhound racing is purely amateur and solely for enjoyment. In other countries, particularly Australia, Ireland, Macau, Mexico, Spain, the UK and the US, greyhound racing is part of the gambling industry and similar to horse racing – although far less profitable. Animal rights and animal welfare groups are critical of the welfare of dogs in the commercial racing industry where, in some countries, dog trainers illegally use live baiting.

Dog Mascots

Our faithful and loyal friends what should be do without them!!

Humans weren’t the only members of military units during World War II. Animal mascots often were part of them too. The mascots served as emblems and good-luck charms for the unit and boosted troops’ morale. Animals became part of a unit in different ways: some were pets brought from home under special circumstances, while other animals were adopted once the soldiers arrived in a foreign country. Dogs were the most common mascots, but there were also cats, donkeys, goats, rabbits, chickens, pumas, and bears, as well as others. There are countless other stories about animal mascots, some of whom performed daring feats or saved their owners lives. But most just served the essential function of providing friendship and companionship to troops a long way from home. There are still animal mascots and one of the best traditions in college football is a live animal mascot.

Dog Carts

Dog-drawn carts were prohibited in Britain in the early 1900s on animal welfare grounds......

Although sled-dogs are well known, dogs have long been used to pull wheeled carts. This was banned in Britain around the beginning of the 20th Century as being cruel, but dogs were still traditionally used to pull milk carts in continental Europe. Dog-carts have been used in Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland, not only for milk, but also for selling bread, vegetables and other produce. Dog-carts were also used in Quebec, Canada around the same period, the wares including newspapers and water dispensed from a large keg.

War Dogs

Dogs in warfare have a long history starting in ancient times. From 'war dogs' trained in combat to their use as scouts, sentries and trackers, their uses have been varied and some continue to exist in modern military usage.

A gallery of dogs that have assisted in military efforts over the past century...

Pugs on stamps

A collection of a true fanatic puglover!!

Stamp collecting is generally accepted as one of the areas that make up the wider subject of philately, which is the study of stamps. A philatelist may, but does not have to, collect stamps. It is not uncommon for the term philatelist to be used to mean a stamp collector.

Pug memorials


A memorial is an object which serves as a focus for memory of something, usually a person (who has died) or an event. Popular forms of memorials include landmark objects or art objects such as sculpturesstatues or fountains, and even entire parks.

Old advertisements poster Dog Shows

The biggest advantage of using posters is that they can be put just about anywhere and seen by almost anyone!!

Posters provide a logical and cost-effective way of communicating to a particular target market. When placed correctly, attractive posters can lure nearby people into a specific event and alert them of an upcoming product or service. Posters have the ability to stick in viewers' minds and can be a great tool for small- to medium-sized businesses to use to increase brand awareness. Posters are cheaper than common forms of advertising such as print, radio and television.

Chinese 'Lap Dogs' from the past.....

In addition to their being kept as a pet and providing warmth, lap dogs have been fashion accessories and 'status symbols', and even to attract fleas away from their owners.

A lapdog or lap dog is a dog that is both small enough to be held in the arms or lie comfortably on a person's lap and temperamentally predisposed to do so. Lapdogs are not a specific breed, but is a generic term for a type of dog of small size and friendly disposition. Lapdogs historically were kept in many societies around the world by individuals with leisure time, as docile companion animals with no working function. Genetic analysis reveals that lapdogs are among the earliest specific types of dogs to live with people. Today, most lapdog breeds fall into the Toy breed group.

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