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There have been dogcatchers in the United States since the 18th century; perhaps even earlier. One of their functions was to pick up dogs that appeared to be rabid or vicious. The public appreciated that role, but it was a difficult and often dangerous one for the dogcatcher.
As the 20th century rolled in and the United States became more urban, it became less accepted for dogs to have free run of cities. At this point dogcatchers began picking up any dogs that were running loose. They were taken to the pound where they were euthanized if not picked up within a prescribed number of days. As more and more pets were picked up and taken to the pound, dogcatchers became less popular. Even the term dogcatcher is nowhere near as prevalent as it once was.
The people who perform this function now have a much more descriptive and honored name: Animal Control Officers. These are the people who rescue abandoned, abused, and neglected animals. They work in shelters that help care for, rehabilitate, and find homes for the animals they bring in.

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