Hispania de Almallutx aka 'Chica'  ✝️

Import Mallorca, Spain
Kennel name: Hispania was the Roman name for the Iberian Peninsula. Under the Republic, Hispania was                      divided into two provinces: Hispania Citerior and Hispania Ulterior.
Calling name Chica: Spanish for 'Girl'.
Chica is a strong minded 'Mallorcan Lady'. Towards her family she is very affectionate and devoted.
She is strongly committed to those who belong to her family.
Chica has a powerful and athletic body with lots of drive. She has a strong instinct which is close to nature.
Guarding and defending her property with convincing. Also loves to play and romp, run beside the bike and hugging.
Chica was the ancestress of the Rocking Flatlands Kennel.

Offspring Chica  

Poppa Joe of the Rocking Flatlands & Nikyta du brin de folie

DOB: November 12th 2018

2 Females:
Opale Astillas del Molosse (brindle) living in France
Osa Astillas del Molosse (fawn) living in France
3 Males:
Obifa Astillas del Molosse (fawn) living in France
Orion Astillas del Molosse (fawn) living in France
Orko Astillas del Molosse (brindle) living in France
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