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Ca de Bou Guide


Appearance of the Perro Dogo Mallorquin

The Perro Dogo Mallorquin is a typical Molossian breed with its strong and powerful elongated body. This breed has a distinctly large head whose circumference is bigger than the chest measurement measured at the withers. The head differentiates the male from the female. Male heads are distinctly bigger in size. A Ca de Bou’s head is almost square in appearance due to the shape of the skull and because of the large, broad and flat forehead. This breed has a protruding strongly defined stop.
The broad based conical muzzle gives the appearance of a blunt cone. The broad black nose has a well defined philtrum. The dog has a straight nasal bridge and taut upper lip that covers a lower lip that is folded in the middle part. Large wide opened eyes are oval in shape (like almonds) and set slightly slanting, small velvety ears that can be formed into a 'rose ear'. 
The Perro Dogo Mallorquin is a medium sized dog with a sturdy and compact body that is very similar to the body of a mastiff. The strong neck that has a slightly loose skin may have a dewlap. The tail is low set. It is thick at the base and tapers towards the tip. At rest, the tail hangs naturally. On the move, the tail forms a slight curve and raised to the level of the topline. This breed has a rather thick skin that closely fits the entire body except the neck.
The hair is short and rough to the touch. The color of the coat usually comes in different shades of fawn like brownish, yellowish, reddish and liver-colored or brindle and even black. Both the brindle and the fawn dogs can have a black mask.


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