Bomber of the Rocking Flatlands aka 'Bommel'

Kennel name: Named after a song by Motörhead .
Calling name Bommel: Named after Olivier B. Bommel.                            
Bommel is co-owned by Carola de Waal & Denise Borst. 
He is living in their family, very loved and spoiled rotten....
Needless to say that we are very grateful to Carola & Denise for taking such good care of him.

Available for stud

Hi, my name is Bommel and I am a stubborn pug who loves to run around in the house when you are vacuuming or mopping. And sometimes just because I can. I love cuddling and crawling into your lap. We need to cuddle as much as possible. If you don't want to cuddle me, I will keep on seeking attention until you do.
When we go on a walk I will follow you in you're footsteps. When I get distracted I can pretend as if I do not hear you, when actually, I do hear you. But I will never go too far from you.
I really love food. Every kind of it. When you're eating I want a bit too, and when you tell me to go away I will sit at a place where I can see it when something falls on the floor, just because you never know when it will. And when it will, I will eat it.
At the end of the day I love to fall asleep in your lap while hugging me. When I sleep in my bench at night, I can't wait for you to come and wake me up so the day can start all over again, including running around, cuddling, taking walks and of course eating.
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