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​​About us​

As a young child I loved all animals. Sometimes my parents got crazy of me. I kept newt and tadpoles in a basin and took every injured bird home to nursering. Later on, at an early age I took care for the pigeons of my father. Fish, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and mouse came and went. All this was not enough. I wanted a real camrade, a true friend who does not judge, was faithfull and loyal:  Called 'DOG'.
Finally when I was 10 years old I got my first dog. He came from a shelter and was a crossbreed (German Shepard/Doberman Pincher). From that moment on, my life has never been whitout dogs and I always had one of more dogs by my side. Through the years I have had many dogs of various breed. Usually the 'strong breed' because I prefer dogs with a strong character and mind.
About the year 1998 I discovered the existence of the Ca de Bou and I lost my heart. I remember it like it was yesterday. After reading a discription of the Ca de Bou in a Dog Encyclopedia written by Esther Verhoef, I started searching for a Ca de Bou breeder and I found Eric Kamphuis, he was the owner of the Westside Kennel, one of the first Ca de Bou Kennels in Holland.  I made him a visit and it was there that I saw a Ca de Bou for the first time in real life. After that I visit some Dog Shows to see and learn more about the breed.
The Ca de bou is in Holland a rare breed, therefore it took some time before I could 'embrace' my first and own Ca de Bou. Finally, in the year 2010 my dream came true when Ozzy was born. Ozzy was bred by Kenny Robbers from Estrella's Kennel.
It is not only the appearance of this breed but above all the character. The strong character and the education that comes with it is a challenge for me. But besides that strong character there is the "soft" and "tenderness" to those he loves and belong to his family. Lots of dog breeds are prized for their unique looks and personalities, but for me the Ca de Bou comes on the first place!!
In 2013 my pack was expanded with a female pug Ekaterina vom Ulmer Haus because I also wanted to breed pugs. With this race I already did have much experience due to the fact that I have owned pugs for more than 15 years. 
Dog breeding is the practice of mating selected dogs with the intent to maintain and improve specific qualities and characteristics such as a better type, health and temperament. This is my goal and also my responsibility as a breeder. A serious breeder can picture himself/herself the ideal type of dog and will stive for this.
Nowadays my dogs are a passion which completed and enriched my life. A life full of love and unconditional fidelity.
​​Ernan Koemans
Gouda, March 21th 2013

The Rocking Flatlands is a F.C.I registered kennel Number 268216.

The Rocking Flatlands is also a member of the 'Eerste gezelschapshonden Club Nederland', 'Commedia Mopshondenvereniging' and the 'Belgium Pug Dog Club'.





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