Only purebred  because the standard was written to protect the breed.....


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Currently the Ca de Bou is still a rare but slowly emerging breed. As a breeder of this race we are aware that we still have a long way to go but adequate information, support and sharing knowledge makes it easier and possible to contribute to the maintenance of a healthy and strong breed. Good information and inventory of points of interest, such as health and character serves above all to give this beautiful Spanish breed a place AND to retain this breed and his origin.........
Pugs are among the most endearing of dogs. They were bred for one purpose only – to be companions to humans. And that is exactly what they do !!! No matter how bad a day you are having, one look at that wrinkly Pug mug will put a smile on your face. Pugs are full of personality, each their own. Characteristic to each is loyalty - once you are bonded, they're stuck to you like glue. They're excited and eager to participate in life with you, whatever it may bring or wherever it may take you.....
As a breeder I have seen and dealt with some heart breaking events.
I have cried buckets of tears trying to save pups.
BUT I have learnt some just can't be saved.
I have spent many sleepless nights feeding and nursing my pups and giving them as much love as I can.
I get to hold and teach my babies how to accept being held and loved. 
I get to allowed to socialize them and try to give my pups as many impressions as possible for their future life.
I get to teach my pups how to behave and enjoy to play.
I get to see the smiles on their new owners faces even though I hold back tears as they leave.
BUT I breed because I get to love and nurture these precious souls.  
Yes, sometimes it's hard but the rewards I get from this little ones are immeasurable.....💖💖
                         Ernan Koemans

History of the Ca de Bou

Historically the Ca de Bou originates from the island of Mallorca. The name Ca de Bou literally means 'Bull-Dog' in the native Catalan language. Perro de Presa Mallorquin is the Spanish epihet, appellation of​ the name.

Our Gallery, a real collection.....

Collection of different thematic subjects, related to our faithful four-legged friend.

History of the Pug

About the theories and origin of the Mops has been a lot of discussion over the years, we have listed a number of 'statements' and 'findings' .....

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