Only purebred  because the standard was written to protect the breed.....


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Currently the Ca de Bou is still a rare but slowly emerging breed. As a breeder of this race we are aware that we still have a long way to go but adequate information, support and sharing knowledge makes it easier and possible to contribute to the maintenance of a healthy and strong breed. Good information and inventory of points of interest, such as health and character serves above all to give this beautiful Spanish breed a place AND to retain this breed and his origin.........
Pugs are among the most endearing of dogs. They were bred for one purpose only – to be companions to humans. And that is exactly what they do !!! No matter how bad a day you are having, one look at that wrinkly Pug mug will put a smile on your face........
As a breeder I have seen and dealt with some heart breaking events.
I have cried buckets of tears trying to save pups.
BUT I have learnt some just can't be saved.
I have spent many sleepless nights feeding and nursing my pups and giving them as much love as I can.
I get to hold and teach my babies how to accept being held and loved. 
I get to allowed to socialize them and try to give my pups as many impressions as possible for their future life.
I get to teach my pups how to behave and enjoy to play.
I get to see the smiles on their new owners faces even though I hold back tears as they leave.
BUT I breed because I get to love and nurture these precious souls.  
Yes, sometimes it's hard but the rewards I get from this little ones are immeasurable.....💖💖
                         Ernan Koemans

History of the Ca de Bou

Historically the Ca de Bou originates from the island of Mallorca. The name Ca de Bou literally means 'Bull-Dog' in the native Catalan language. Perro de Presa Mallorquin is the Spanish epihet, appellation of​ the name.

Our Gallery, a real collection.....

Collection of different thematic subjects, related to our faithful four-legged friend.

History of the Pug

About the theories and origin of the Mops has been a lot of discussion over the years, we have listed a number of 'statements' and 'findings' .....

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